Harry M.
Nov 25 '15 at 15:44

Marketing Interns: what can you offer & what are your goals?

For the job opening at

- Tell us about what attracted you to a career in marketing, any experience you've gained already, and what skills you can bring to the table today. 

- Tell us what would you would like to get out of a marketing internship at Shrtct, including any specific skills you would like to acquire while working here. 

Generate ideas with other participants, and show how you operate!

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Hi, everyone! My name is Angie. I am originally from the US but am diving into the Digital Nomad ocean with an extended trip to the UK. I am a freelance communication consultant/nonprofit supporter/ graphic designer/ social media content writer/ events marketer looking to hone my skills within a bigger organization. I am looking to make remote marketing my main career goal with a large focus on gaining visibility for non-profits that I believe in.  

I am in love with traveling. I have been to most of Western Europe, including the UK and Iceland. Germany is one of my favorites, as is Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

I am looking forward to working alongside you brilliant people, and building some incredible campaigns together through strong communication, teamwork, and creativity!

I hope to gain experience at this internship that helps to breathe new life into my freelance work, as well as connect me to an organization where I can build a long term connection. I'm drawn to Shrtct due to my passion for communication and desire to be a part of international business teams.

I work in GMT time currently, but I am pretty flexible meeting via Skype at most times, as long as I have advanced notice and/or a typical meeting time. I'd also love to potentially use Google Hangouts because we can collaborate as a team, and playback the meetings as needed. 

Feel free to connect with me here, or by my email address. Or talk to me on Twitter- I'm pretty obsessed with it!


 Angie MacGray

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Thanks for the upvote, Mauricio! :D2015-12-04 15:14:36 NEW 1
You guys (and girls) are awesome! Thanks for spreading such positivity! How are your weekends going so far?2015-12-05 19:56:01 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n :) Checking flights to Buenos Aires from Denver for the rest of the month, and finalizing Nomad House plans for Lisbon in January: . How's your weekend?2015-12-05 20:01:51 NEW 2
0_3puunxrlvfgmy5ytizx0npkmvtl4k5yt_tz1npcaek5d73w-svy84y9hufa61cxyhkmtmupl_12h?1472732493 I'm Waiting (5 hours) to go to Prague from Warsaw! Anyway, once I'll arrive just in morning hours it will save my hotel night! It's a fair trade off!2015-12-05 20:19:28 NEW 1
0_3puunxrlvfgmy5ytizx0npkmvtl4k5yt_tz1npcaek5d73w-svy84y9hufa61cxyhkmtmupl_12h?1472732493 You're welcome Angie.2015-12-05 20:19:58 NEW 0
My weekend is going well! Currently in Manchester UK, trying to get some work my way so I can afford the next travel/train tickets, and fish and chips, of course!2015-12-05 23:03:27 NEW 1

Greetings everyone!  Scott here, a digital nomad currently based in Puerto Rico.  Me in a nutshell -- West Point Grad, former chemical salesman, now working part time for a SaaS startup ( 

Passionate about Salsa dancing, data driven sales, and internet marketing and optimizing my tinder profile.

Current experience/bring to the table: Currently working with digital sales funnels/PPC management, and automated cold email campaigns.  

I'm excited about the internship here because I geek out about 2 things: automating EVERYTHING and SaaS sales.

I speak Spanish and crappy Russian.  Basic level skills in HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/Javascript.

Unfortunately enthused about bad puns and plays on words.

My website:

Fun fact: I've got 8.5 toes due to a frostbite incident in Alaska while in the Army.

Let the games begin!

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Hola, Scott, great post. Tambien, me encanta PR, y visite la isla muchos veces. Automation is a great point. It is a great skill to have. How much success are you finding in the "cold" emails? How do you track down the right resources, especially for a SaaS sale? It sounds easier said than done. Do you employ other automation tools to help in your job, like crawlers, for instance? Specibo!2015-11-25 19:34:24 NEW 1
Thanks Harry. I know you'll be going through quite a few discussions on here as the applications roll in. If I end up short listed, I'd love to chat a bit more on skype to get a good idea if we'd be a fit for each other. Good luck! Few options: Skype: scottie_schneider Email: Calendly link SPECIFICALLY for this purpose, just because: Looking forward to it!2015-11-25 19:34:25 NEW 0
Thanks @neal B., love the languages shout out! You should come visit soon, the entrepreneurship is growing quickly, and the founder of Startup Chile is spinning up P18, basically copying the structure here. So as far as specifics, the application is rather simple. My process: 1) Use to set up a 5-7 drip campaign, so I can gauge open/engagement rates. Currently I'm about a 40% open and 10% response a week into A/B testing. It can be better for sure. 2) To find emails, PersistIQ has a built in LinkedIn email scrubber to use public data to best guess the email and soft ping it to reduce bounce rates. This grabs about 50% of the emails in whatever target market I'm looking at. If this doesn't work... --> Use SellHack ( to scrub and then verify if possible with Takes more time, but worth it to get their work email. I've had some minor success using LinkedIn crawlers (dux soup, autopilot for linkedin) and then using my profile as a sales page to attract views that I can then connect with. For me though, the time involved wasn't worth it as I can't respond in bulk that way (plus LinkedIn is cracking down on automation activities more and more every day).2015-11-25 19:45:39 NEW 0
If you're considering using a cold email approach to grow shrtct, then unless you need any sort of salesforce integration (the reason why I ended up choosing Persist for ZenKraft) I'd recommend looking at It's got a superior UI and easier to track.2015-11-25 19:47:27 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Great sales page/profile on Linkedin. Thanks for all the great tips, too. I think I speak on behalf of everyone just watching.2015-11-25 19:53:03 NEW 2
No problem, my pleasure.2015-11-25 19:54:27 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n What's your take on selling Shrtct? There are many avenues to package and sell the platform. Do we go down as many avenues as possible? Or find the right one? If the latter, how?2015-11-25 19:56:00 NEW 0
I would start by using the companies listed on, as shrtct is likely to be very attractive to already digitally distributed teams ie., the CEO of ZenKraft is playing around with HipChat, after becoming frustrated with Skype... Would be an easy target list of low hanging fruit since we know they already need some sort of communication channel, or may be frustrated with what they're using currently. I'm a fan of quickly validating one approach and failing quickly -- so that's what I would try first as opposed to getting swamped in trying everything. Did that answer your question?2015-11-25 20:02:04 NEW 2
Me Hi Scott, very interesting discussion here - thanks for getting involved! Let's catch up next week :)2015-11-26 10:56:58 NEW 0
Me Hey Scott, free for a call next week? :)2015-12-04 15:53:38 NEW 0

Sa wat dee from half-snow covered Slovenia,

Ana here! Why 'Sa wat dee''? Cuz I'm one foot already in Thailand! Soon I'm embarking the digital nomad experience for the first time and it kinda overwhelmed me which you will probably notice by the end of reading this post :) Living an out-of-the-box life (it's sad but literally), working in busy cafes or vivid coworking places, seeing and experiencing best of Earth's nature (I'm a bit of MTB freak), meeting weird but innovative people is my rationale and method for applying to this job. Travel inspires me, always has. Why marketing? Because I'm dwelling into this matter as we speak since I'm trying to set up my own online business in grant writing. Speaking of which, this is the skill I have honed and can bring to the table. I've learned how to sell a project idea in plain text to European Commission's evaluators, to the stakeholders, partners and at the very end, young participants. In my student years (yes I do remember some of them), I've had responsible roles in international student organisations and we did a lot of crazy gigs on ideas we pulled out of collective brainstorming. All of them involved marketing to our members and unsuspecting locals because they were our own (hoping you get me here).  Why this job? Because I really really really want to make it as a DN and honestly need to learn about online marketing. Here's my wishlist of learning aspects: lead generation, pipeline marketing, strong page rank, building member aquisition program, how to create fast revenue by quality content, affiliate marketing. These are all important skills to have if you want to work remotely and remote work with inspiring teams is what I long for. 

And to conclude (hopefully not to exclude myself): I don't have a clue what Scott here is saying :) 

P.S.: it's bed time here in Slovenia, so don't expect signs of life from me in the next 7 hours ;) 


Ana Fazarinc Povh 

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Ana, I'd be happy to explain, perhaps over Skype, anytime you'd like -- it's nothing fancy, just a few different things strung together. Also, where are you going in Thailand? I'll be in Phuket in March. Regardless we should try to meet up, as I'll be there my friend who's a real kick ass internet marketer from Puerto Rico. He lives to help people! Are you on yet? That's really helped me so far, and it's the best tool I've found for finding other people like us and helping with the overwhelm. Greeting from Puerto Rico, where Christmas started 2 days ago. 23:11:17 NEW 1
Hi Scott, well that sounds amazing, I'd be thrilled to get some expert insight. You can add me on Skype: anapovh. Im landing in Bangkok, working and exploring for a few days then going to Chiang Mai to work at coworking space there. Then I plan to take a few days off to see Bagan pagodas in Myanmar. Then back to Thailiand, heading south to Malaysia form where I fly to Turkey. I need to be in Slovenia in first half of March to implement a project then I'll proceed to Netherlands. That's the plan, im working hard to make it a reality. I believe there's people out there who can benefit from my experience, not only me :P So it looks like we can't meet there. But maybe somewhere else? I have an account at NomadForum but trips I haven't really used yet, so thanks for the tip.2015-11-28 09:16:58 NEW 1
Ana and Scott, your trips sound amazing! You've inspired me to branch out my travels to more than just Europe haha! I heard Chiang Mai is a great place for digital nomads to work from. Keep up the great work and the great travelling.2015-12-04 17:18:33 NEW 1
Me We should setup a digital nomad Space so people can share questions, experiences etc :)2015-12-05 09:09:33 NEW 1
I would love that! I have so much to learn, and it would be a great outlet for sharing the successes and trials!2015-12-05 19:57:18 NEW 1
Ana would you be kind enough to share your email address so I can contact you if possible?2015-12-08 00:58:25 NEW 0
Hi Boshko, sure why not: What about? :)2015-12-08 07:30:20 NEW 0


I'm interested in helping Shrtct grow for two reasons:

1. I think working remotely can greatly improve one's quality of life, so I want to help remote teams be more successful.

2. I want to master the skill-sets of digital marketing, sales, and community building.  In the long run, I will use these skills to build a business where I help others with their physical and emotional health.

Here are the two main benefits Shrtct will get by hiring me:

1.  I'll edit and write compelling copy for you.

I've been reading voraciously since I was young, and I feel that my time spent reading has given me an unfair competitive advantage when it comes to writing and editing copy. 


I have been working with a gym owner on their FB ad, landing page, and email copy to get more clients in the door.  I have also done sales copy for my own video course.

2. You'll get a high ROI on the time/money you invest in me.

I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I know how to launch and ship things without oversight.  I also have a solid foundation of online marketing concepts, and I am experienced with basic online marketing tools.


I've created a website where I've been writing about about movement, meditation, and mindful eating for 8 months.  I recently pitched and posted two guest posts.

I've shot my own videos using separate cameras and microphones, and edited them with Camtasia, PluralEyes, and Audacity.

I've used MailChimp and SumoMe to collect emails with a lead magnet, and sent numerous campaigns to my subscribers.

The Bottom Line

You'll be hiring an action taker who is committed in learning the nuts and bolts of online marketing for the long haul. :)

I would love to talk more abut the position, and you can send me an email at


I built you a website showcasing my work at

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Hi there. I am Boshko from Macedonia. I've been working in multiple companies as an intern as an employee and as a co founder of a start up. I also speak fluent English, a bit of Spanish, and a couple of Balkan languages. My design and marketing experience is mostly in remote start up companies. For more information about projects, recent or present, you can ask for my contact details and we can talk more face to face instead of chatting on a website.

Now to tell you guys more about the co-founding positions in my startup company. The startup, was founded with a cousin of mine in 2009 and the company was functional until the year of 2012. It was a Social Media Marketing and Management company - SMM(Social Media Macedonia) and it operated until me and my cousin moved to different cities and found better places to work at that time, with all said at that period the lack of time closed the company.
Another project I have worked on was in the NGO for students IAESTE(worldwide, similar to AIESEC). There I worked as a marketing manager for my University, gaining memberships up to 60% more then my previous colleagues who worked on the same position. I was on this position for 2.5 years, until i graduated and moved on.
At the time I am working for a project(company project, I'm currently the CMO and CDO in the company) in my hometown and at a remote company(as a senior designer and as a marketing campaign manager). For these two companies I will not talk too much as I am still involved in the process. If I receive a call for an interview I will talk more about my ideas and further thoughts about projects.

Kind regards,

Boshko B

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Hi Boshko! Hope you had a good weekend. Are you currently working out of Macedonia?2015-12-07 01:51:55 NEW 1
Hi Angie! Thanks for writing back. Actually at the moment I am stationed in Macedonia. If you have the chance to come to Macedonia(you probably google it because its a small country) contact me I can arrange hotels, motels and trips for you while you are here. Its also not that far away from the UK. Kind regards,2015-12-07 15:21:22 NEW 0

Hi there. 

I am very keen on getting a sales intern ship.  This is something I have dreamed of doing.  I am very determined to advance my skills and learn a lot of new things in the industry. I am a native English speaker from New Zealand and want to open up the world of the internet.  I would love to be able to get my foot in the door by getting an internship at this company.  I am so passionate about starting in the online sales industry i would even do some work for free, as long as i can learn.  I have been an English teacher for a while now but i want to move on to learn something else. 

I am a very charismatic person from my time working with customers selling promotion material at a print company worked at for many years. I was very successful in the company and finished my degree while hired there. I have also been an English teacher for some time now which has given me some very good people skills. I find it very easy to communicate with people. The skills i can offer are that i am very savy with computers, technology and finding my way around the internet, i also consider myself a fast learner and am very keen to learn any new information to advance my skills. I am so very excited to learn new things to do with the online world. I have a friend who works in online sales and he has given more more enthusiasm to start on my road to success.

I also have a very strong work ethic and enjoy a challenge. I am so keen to learn new things that i am willing to work for free for a time

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Hi Ryan, thanks for posting :) - Have you been doing any marketing until now?2015-11-25 17:52:23 NEW 1
Hello! The truth is no i have not but i am so keen to start somewhere. I am young and open to learn new things.2015-11-25 19:24:07 NEW 0

Attraction to marketing:

Making people aware of worthy products and brands. There is a lot of noise out there. Sometimes the best experiences go unnoticed. I fight for justice and make sure good overcomes garbage.

Experience offered:

Ran a software company with a product downloaded over 10K times a month. It is pirated about 10K times a month too - success on both fronts.

Skills brought:

Customer Advocate | User Experience | Product Experience | Brand Liaison | Many | Others

What I want to get out of the internship:

To be able to say that I performed the marketing for Shrtct in the 2016 calendar year. Because it was so crazy successful the next company I apply to will be more than happy to pay me a $260K salary.

Tell me more:

Contact me privately.

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HI All!! Denise here originally from Brisbane Australia. I currently work for a digital agency in client relations and project management but the title does not nearly quite say what I do in the business. I enjoy all facets of business and marketing comes second to none. The reason is because over the course of my professional life, I have learnt through Sales how to market to clients and customers as to what works well. I am a creative person by nature so I enjoy that side of marketing as well. I will be bringing front house sales and marketing experience due to my many customer service and sales roles as well as my studies in digital marketing at uni and finishing my international business degree as well. I also freelance on the side as a virtual assistant for any administrative tasks like content writing and I also do social media management for a couple of fashion businesses.

I am about to embark on my digital nomad journey and would love to be apart of a remote team who understands that life isn't about having to work behind a computer in an office in the same place everytime and that productivity can be achieved in your pyjamas in a room somewhere in Chiangmai where the fan isn't working but the wi-fi is fast ;)

I am really keen on getting the experience of being able to work cohesively with a team that is remote. Communication is key and is one of my many strong points. This would be something I would also find challenging being so used to working in a team environment physically most of the time. I know that it would still be possible for relationships to grow as well as build trust and rapport via digital means. I believe these challenges would only strengthen my communication skills as well as give me insight as to how everything operates online depending on the platforms and systems you use.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to apply, I do hope to hear from you all. In the event, that I may be unsuccessful for the role, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Peace :)

Denise L.

p.s. Just wondering is this a paid internship, just so I can fuel my travels whilst working remotely of course?


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Hi All, not sure if this thread is still open or not, but just wanted to reach out and say hello! My name is Kyle and I'm an American engineer living abroad (in sunny Malaysia). I have been working for a non-profit for the last two years as the Director of Resource and Business Development (my current position). While our work was very much focused on community engagement and renewable energy, it never quite took off in the way we all expected and as such I find myself in a position where I really want to learn marketing skills. I'm also involved in two startup organizations where I believe these skills could really help out. From all the above it would seem like I have my hands full, but the opposite is actually true; there isn't a better time for me to do remote work. I have a range of business acumen I bring to the table and my goals are to really provide value to shrtct while enchancing my own skills and experience. Once again thank you for the consideration and I look forward to chatting with you all very soon. Some of my hobbies include teaching and renewable energy systems.

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Hi everyone!

I want to work but now i'm studying English and i need your help

Marketing is  really necessary , that's why i do want make this stuff really works

Now i'm working as SMM and event manager

thanks for answer 

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