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22222650?1502207325 I was just testing out shrtct on my own, and tried creating a stream called "TAs/Instructors" and now my space now throws error messages, and I can't do anything.2017-08-08 16:06:15 NEW 0
1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Hello, taithethai. Let me see what is the reason. Let you know.2017-08-09 06:31:36 NEW 0
1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n taithethai, yes, it was an issue. For now the slash into Stream name breaks the app. To quick fix I have deleted this stream. Please let me know if you have more questions!2017-08-09 07:40:21 NEW 1
Photo It appear that I can not answer a question with a screenshot or can that be activated in the backend?2017-08-24 13:17:09 NEW 0
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Hi Vikram, once you have a screenshot copied to clipboard (by pressing the print screen button on your keyboard), you can paste it in to any post while editing that post, by using ctrl+v to paste it, or by right clicking and hitting "paste" from the context menu.2017-08-24 14:16:38 NEW 1
I have an error when trying to view my Space: We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly. Think the same issue as Taithethai with the "/" within the category name.2018-01-19 21:45:40 NEW 0
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What effect does following a user have?  And does it depend on whether content is posted in a public or PRO space?

One of the members of my PRO space follows me, but doesn't receive any email notifcations when I add or modify hash answers unless they're following the hash itself.  Is that expected behavior?

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Me Hi David, currently, if a person you follow creates a new public Hash, you receive a notification. But to receive notifications regarding activity that occurs within that hash, you would need to follow the Hash itself. We did this so as not to overwhelm users with emails. What would you think about adding a "Follow Hash" button to the original "Someone you follow has created a new Hash" email?2015-11-25 13:19:31 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n We used to have this "follow" button before the email redesign. Let's bring this back.2015-11-25 14:43:26 NEW 1
Thanks for the clarification, Harry: I can see the tension between too little and too much information here, and the potential for complication. I'll try to gather my thoughts and then post to the UI/UX hash. My first impression, though, is that I might wait on adding the follow button, and rather go in the direction of making following default behavior, leaving choice in the ability to mute. More later...2015-11-25 17:25:01 NEW 1

Hi, we are looking for a space for our Dev Team to create a knowledge database. I noticed that once a discussion is marked as solved and archived, it somehow "disappears" and even the tags/hashes are not found by the searches. Unfortunately that would be one of the main uses cases (see Stack-Overflow). Did we understand the scope of Shrtct correct? Or is it not meant to be such a tool to keep the knowledge?

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Me Hi Hannes, thanks for the post. When you archive a Hash, it disappears from the main view but can be easily accessed by selecting the "Resolved Hashes" view (which is just to the right of the Space filters at the top). Would you like to have a look at this and get back to us? Also, creating a knowledge base is certainly within the scope of Shrtct.2016-04-20 08:07:32 NEW 0
Photo Thanks for your quick answer, I have seen the drop-down. But the main point is to find the Hashes, imagine we have hundreds of them and I am searching for keywords like in google: "router" "firmware" "update" and there is an archived hash which deals with the answers to that topic. I was not able to find it.2016-04-20 08:11:54 NEW 0
Me Hi Hannes, are you free for a quick chat via phone or Skype? I can email you with details if so.2016-04-20 08:13:29 NEW 0
Photo Hi, would be good - but I am at a customer site at the moment and actually looking at shrtct only in my free time ;)2016-04-20 08:40:29 NEW 1
Me No worries - I'll email you, and you can get back to me if and when it works for you for a quick chat :)2016-04-20 08:42:45 NEW 1

my space is getting too many demo posts!

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1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Hello Adam, Really due adding new spaces several demo hashes are added. It is for the demonstration purpose only. You can easily delete it by Delete link, see link: Let me know, please, if you have more questions!2016-12-19 08:28:56 NEW 0
5758e61e-8a01-4a67-8d34-8b97e721909f Thanks!2016-12-19 16:38:14 NEW 1

Transfer space ownership/admin

How can I transfer space ownership/admin privileges to another member of the space?

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Can you guys unlock Minccino Central? I locked it accidentally. Ivan Xan Admin

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1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Hi Adam, it is unlocked. Looks like you tried to assign subscription and not finished. Let me know if you have more questions!2017-10-06 06:03:05 NEW 0

Display archived posts


Delete account please

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Me Your account will be de-activated in the next few minutes.2015-10-28 12:31:12 NEW 0

This is a quick check of the line breaks and in-editor tabbing.

Tabbing works!
nextflow run hello
N E X T F L O W  ~  version 0.14.3
Pulling nextflow-io/hello ...
 downloaded from
Launching 'nextflow-io/hello' - revision: 35f898dfe5 [master]
[warm up] executor > local
[b1/b6066a] Submitted process > sayHello (3)
[95/ede9ab] Submitted process > sayHello (2)
[72/37e601] Submitted process > sayHello (1)
[90/91b769] Submitted process > sayHello (4)
Ciao world!
[ab/54be3c] Submitted process > sayHello (5)
Hello world!
Bojour world!
Hola world!
Γεια σου world!

... but it looks like the multiline code blocks are still displayed on one line.

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n I think Ivan might have disabled using ' for code blocks. Let's add back in.2015-10-15 18:05:56 NEW 0
I just realised that the triple-backtick for multi-line code is a Github convention, and not actually part of the markdown 'spec'. Still, it's super-handy :)2015-10-15 18:11:24 NEW 2
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Agreed2015-10-15 18:14:51 NEW 2
1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Ok, will add support for triple-backtick as well!2015-10-16 07:34:03 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Thanks, Ivan!2015-10-16 16:47:51 NEW 0

Is there a way to have code blocks that include line breaks? For example:

echo example long \
invocation \
--ugly no

Which looks (in the editor) like:

Post in composition

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n @Robert, good catch. @Ivan, looks like our MD is not registering line breaks for code and quotes. My preference is to also allow tab indents for code, but tabbing from the editor switches focus instead of inserting a tab. Make sense? If yes, let's fix these two issues.2015-10-14 20:26:52 NEW 0
Great. +1 on the in-editor tabbing.2015-10-14 20:34:10 NEW 1
Other things that would be nice to have (but obvs not urgent): - mouseover to see who 'Like'd your comments - control over volume of email (it's quite high) - mouseover timestamps on the "Ongoing Commentary" chat window - maybe with timestamp separators when the is a gap between messages - resize images in the "Messages" inbox and outbox to fit the css widths - 20:40:56 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n All good stuff. Want to add to the UI/UX hash? Or shall I? (maybe you'd like the attribution)2015-10-14 20:51:35 NEW 0
1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Good feedback, thank you! Added into TODO list.2015-10-15 08:45:30 NEW 0
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n @Robert, Ivan has the tab to code + line breaks working already. Would you give it a try?2015-10-15 17:56:14 NEW 0
The tab has some strangeness, jumping to the end of all text: On Ubuntu, Chrome 46.0.2490.712015-10-15 18:25:27 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n "Gar!" :) thank's a million for the video! We're on it!2015-10-15 18:27:37 NEW 2
Please don't rush any of these issues - just trying to be helpful.2015-10-15 18:28:26 NEW 2
1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Nice video, thx! Will fix it!2015-10-16 07:32:06 NEW 1

Hi guys, I'm having issues on google chrome on iPad. When trying to reply or write something on shrtct the keyboard keeps "disappearing"... I have to write on another Program and copy it to shrtct

Have you experience this issue also?

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Yes, this happens on my phone, too2015-10-26 23:47:12 NEW 0
1546388_10153606121762796_6681555746358268262_n Test from chrome on iPhone.2015-10-27 07:08:02 NEW 0

Strange behavior:  Notifications

I figure this is something that's already been noticed, but in case it's not:  It seems like all the content I've previously viewed is showing up with a  blue "New" tag, and at the same time, I'm not getting any notifications in Messages.

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Me This has now been fixed!2015-11-23 14:01:57 NEW 0
Me We're changing "New Messages" to a notification feed soon, and some of the new logic had broken the "New" tag - we've temporarily disabled the new messages counter, even though if you click the feed it will continue to show the new messages themselves.2015-11-23 17:54:29 NEW 1

Strange behavior?  (List of all hashes.)

It seems that when I click "all", I don't get a list of the hashes by most recent activity even though that's the sorting method.  Could this connected to the strange notification behavior?

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Me Hi David, we're just looking into this now.2015-11-21 19:21:29 NEW 1
Me Hi David, this issue is fixed now!2015-11-30 14:50:19 NEW 1

What is the function of the link icon in the upper right of a hash answer?

I know that if I use option-click on my Mac, I can use the icon to copy the address of the hash answer, but I was wondering if it has another function since an answer briefly turns yellow if the icon is clicked, without any other effect as far as I can tell.

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Me Hi David, clicking this adds the address to this specific answer to the URL bar. We need to modify it so that, instead, it simply copies the address to the user's clipboard (like clicking the "copy" button next to the share link). If you follow a URL to a specific answer, comment, or chat message, it briefly turns yellow just to make it super clear which one has been linked to.2015-11-23 08:22:21 NEW 0
I see -- thanks, Harry. Maybe with a "copy link to clipboard" hover message? I like the minimalist feel of not having very many hover messages, though; I don't know which option is more complicated, but another possibility is that the icon serve as a button that opens a small text box in roughly the same place, with just enough of the URL visible to make it clear it can be copied.2015-11-25 03:20:13 NEW 1
Me Nice idea. I added this to our dev list at the end of last week.2015-11-30 14:52:12 NEW 0

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