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Mar 21 '16 at 15:48

Our Launch Press Release

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How to craft our initial launch message

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Sample email to editor

To: Ben Popper @ The Verge
Subject: Meetings... without meetings

Hi Ben, I'm launching a system to make meetings really nice. It simply keeps online meetings structured, and then integrates in to Slack and Asana to jumpstart projects.

It's at (pronounced shortcut).

Could you be interested in hearing about it? If yes, would you be interested in the exclusive?

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Any feedback here, Harry or Ivan?2016-04-07 17:20:55 NEW 0
Me I think that's really good. Could we squeeze in perhaps one sentence on your background?2016-04-07 17:56:39 NEW 0
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Thanks! What if I change to something like, "I have a few other successful businesses since 1999, and I love to bootstrap. Could you be interested in hearing about Shrtct? If yes, would you be interested in the exclusive?"2016-04-07 18:03:03 NEW 0
Me Sounds good, but I'd try to throw in the acquisition!2016-04-07 18:27:07 NEW 0

For Immediate Release


Shrtct launches Asana and Slack integrated meetings tool

Decision making for animals

Meetings without meetings, huh? The boardroom goes online

"Get inside the heads of your teammates, by using a tool that cracks their brains open."

Democratize decision making and lay all the pieces of the puzzle out plainly. Sometimes you do need meetings

No talking over each other

Meetings without Meetings

Shrtct launches Asana and Slack integrated meetings tool

There IS a need for meetings, in our daily schedules, in our important work projects, no matter how we try to denegrade these meetings and their purported effectiveness. Countless apps now beg us to ditch the meeting place, but for so many important reasons, we need them. Neal Bozeman and Harry Marshall want you to use their meetings-less meetings app to "get inside the heads of your teammates, by using this tool that cracks their brains open."

Meetings are great (Ha! Just kidding, actually most are terrible, but there is utility in them). But meetings participation is linear; you are stuck, en queue, until your turn, and then ideas and connections expand, change, and then become lost. Asana is fantastic for it's aysnchronous workflow - I can make my updates as needed, whenever needed - but the vision, the strategy, and the hard decisions are lost. Slack is the ultimate in "hit me while it's hot" communication, but it is a drain to use, because it will drag you along endless tangents that sap your independent problem-solving skills, and those of your team.

In real-life meetings, people cannot productivly talk over each other. This is a shame. It's a shame because the connective tissues of our ideas never find a home. Solutions never see the light of day. Worse, recent research suggests, on average, more than half of all meeting attendees never participate, simply because there is not the time for everyone in a finite strategy session to say their part.

With Shrtct, this goes away. Important thoughts are given equal weighting, at least initially. Yours, mine, and the people we didn't know were on the team. Timezone constraints are lifted, availability constraints are loosened, and fully formed thoughts become contributed as they mature. As the process progresses, democracy takes place, visibility and attention take over, and favorite ideas rise to the top like cream. Shrtct takes care of structuring the details, the history, and the conversation, automatically, and gives us the benefit of asynchronous tools without the pitfalls.

Marc Benioff uses his method of V2MOM to create company alignment, on a macro level, and within teams throughout SalesForce. Great teams do this implicitly, keeping agendas and meetings which require strategy, on topic, and on point, and using meetings appropriately to drive teams forward smartly. More likely than not, the group's time is ultimately dominated by the socially higher-ranked. You could argue efficiency here, however, many, or most, could plausabily argue that this is an opportunity cost, if the ideas, solutions, and brainpower are lost. Bozeman and Marshall want to better use meetings... just without meetings.

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